REPORTS TO:  Program Director –Melinda Hollandsworth

LOCATION:      Valley Brook Mobile Home Park – Stone Mountain, GA


The 3rd-5th Grade/Middle/High School Community Director at Valley Brook will work alongside the Elementary Community Director Maira Hernandez to serve the community and families.  Specifically, this director will be responsible for running two afternoons/week (Monday and Wednesday) of After School Programs for 3rd – 5th Grade students while also building and maintaining relationships with the middle and high school students who attend Path Project programs at Valley Brook mobile home park in Stone Mountain, GA.  The job will have an academic, spiritual and social component. The academic component will be working with the schools to help the students stay on track academically and prepare them for graduation and college. The spiritual component will be teaching and modeling the love of Jesus to these students through words and actions. The social component will be guiding the students through character development, career exposure and helping them navigate their teenage years.  So this job is really a combination of teacher/tutor, youth pastor, college and career counselor and more.  But we believe the most important part of this job is simply doing life with these students and being a positive influence in their life during the critical middle and high school years.


To help the 3rd-5th grade, middle and high school students at Valley Brook find their path to graduation, college and God’s plan for their future.


           I.     Lead and oversee a twice/week after-school program for 3rd-5th Grade students (expectation would be 20-25 students in the program). The director would lead the programs, recruit volunteers for the programs.

         II.     Be responsible for a once a week homework time for all middle school students (expectation would be 10-15 students for a part-time director).  The director would recruit and encourage the volunteers who come during this time and he would encourage the kids to be involved to during this.  The director wouldn't be expected to have "teacher" responsibilities, but he would be the catalyst for connecting kids with volunteers.

        III.     Outside of the after-school programs, the director would plan activities that build a strong community of middle and high school students and parents in the community.  It could be field trips, pizza nights, games, leading devotions, visiting school for lunch, etc.  The goal would be to get to know these kids and their families well---their strengths, weaknesses, struggles, etc. 

        IV.     Coordinate with parents and teachers to make sure students are on track academically – checking grades, attendance, etc.

         V.     Bring passion and enthusiasm for Jesus, school, relationships to the students in this community

        VI.     Recruit new volunteers

      VII.     Build relationships with new students who don’t currently attend the programs


           I.     Personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the mission and vision of The Path Project

         II.     Agreement with Path Project Core Values – Prayer, Attitude, Teamwork, Humility (see attached)

        III.     Demonstrated lifestyle of Christ-like humility, compassion and generosity with time, talents and treasure

        IV.     Established track record of taking initiative and working well as part of a team

         V.     Excellent oral and written communication skills

        VI.     Servant heart – enjoys serving behind the scenes and tending to details

      VII.     Strong organizational skills, including effective time management

     VIII.     Loves kids!

        IX.    Smiles a lot!


For Fall 2017 our plan is to hire a part-time community director. The time commitment would be 20 hours/week (balanced between after-school programs, spending time in the community with students/parents, visiting the school, trips outside the community and admin/prep).

Compensation would be based on our half-time community director salary scale – between $18,000 and $21,000/year.

Time off would follow the school calendar during the school year (off one week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, one week for Spring Break).  Half time directors also receive two personal days each year.  Our summer programs are still being finalized but our initial plan is to work the month of June with summer camps, VBS, soccer camp, etc. and take the month of July as a Sabbath from programs.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Bailie Johnson at