Laura Soto | PreK Director
Bay Creek

Laura grew up speaking only Spanish and to speak English in her early teens. Her life experiences make her an especially valuable resource to all the families she works alongside. Laura makes every child feel special that comes through the door. She is an expert at helping families access resources in the community. Laura has incredible faith that inspires everyone she meets. She values most faith and love. Laura is married to Alex, and has 3 amazing boys!


Ashley Aurandt | Community Director
Bay Creek

Ashley learned about Path Project from some friends, and fell in love with our kids from the very beginning. She has an incredible gift for serving anyone her path. Ashley loves organization, and can make the most amazing to-do list you’ve ever seen! She is always learning and seeking knowledge from those around her with the amazing goal making her programs better for her kids! Ashley values most love and health. She is married to Tyler, and they have a beautiful daughter.