What drives you? What something are you a part of or were you a part of? What was that idea or group that made you feel connected with somebody else? When you are growing up, there are a lot of various directions that you can go, when trying to figure out what you want to do in life or when trying to answer that over rated, but enduring question, how do I want to define myself?

The Path Project’s purpose is to empower young people and illustrate to them that they are capable of achieving great things, whatever path that takes them down, toward a bright future. We started out assisting kids with their homework, but then it became so much more. It has always been our mission to show kids that you can do anything that you set your mind to. The positive relationships that are created with these kids create another support system for them and eventually interconnect to develop into an uplifting community. We aim to provide the tools for kids to be successful- not just inside the classroom, but more importantly for life and help build up their confidence and belief in themselves. Everyone has different skills sets and capabilities and we aim to help celebrate those in every individual.

In order to create an enduring impact within as many lives as we can, we operate community centers in various neighborhoods in order to provide young people with a place to go, whether that’s for academic help, advice or other types of guidance. Through working with the community’s youth, we try to show them that how developing a hard work ethic and positive attitude can lead to success, in whatever capacity that means for them. Our passion for helping others and making a positive impact is our driving motivation for continuing The Path Project.

Have you thought about how your involvement could make a difference on a young person? We have a variety of programmes for every age group, even at at the smallest level. Whether it’s our preschool program- where we have activities to help foster basic social skills, our middle school leadership club- where we help kids find their interests for the future or our soccer club- where we aim to have kids learn the importance of teamwork and communication in a fun, healthy way, it’s all about self- empowerment and building productive relationships! We always are excited to have new volunteers to be part of The Path Project team and bring a new perspective, who share our passion for helping people and creating positive experiences. So what’s your path?