“I first began volunteering at the Path Project - Gwinnett Estates, Loganville – late winter 2015. Because Path Project serves children ranging from preschool – high school, there were a number of times / days of the week from which to choose; that flexibility was very appealing.  Initially I helped older elementary girls with their homework one afternoon a week.  I discovered that I didn’t have to know all the answers or remember long-gone math skills – my role was to simply offer encouragement and help point the girls in the right direction.  As the weeks rolled into months, my relationships with the girls grew.  By the time they moved into middle school, strong bonds had been formed, and I ended up changing my volunteer day & time so that I could continue being with them.
God has given me a heart for Hispanic people, and by serving Him through the Path Project, I’ve been blessed more than I can say.  He has impressed upon me that it’s all about relationships, beginning with my relationship with Him.  It doesn’t matter whether or not I speak Spanish, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a teaching background, it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m a math whiz (I’m not) – the only thing that matters is being in relationship with other people and being Christ to them. My prayer is that by being a faithful, non-judgmental, caring presence in the lives of the Path Project kids, they’ll begin to see the saving love that Jesus has for them.  And maybe one day the relationships I’ve established will open a door for me to share Jesus with one (or more!) of them.” - Holly Simmons