Katie Hove

K - 5th Community Director | Countryside Village

Katie was working her dream job as a 2nd-grade teacher.  Then, one of her sweet students shared some family challenges with her.  Suddenly, Katie’s thoughts began to shift to the struggles her students were facing after school. Through an incredible chain of events, Katie found herself launching a new Path Project in Countryside Village!  She is able to empower children and families during our after-school programs to ensure they are successful in the classroom.

Hugo Lopez   Middle & High Community Director | Countryside Village

Hugo Lopez

Middle & High Community Director | Countryside Village

The first time you meet Hugo you will immediately recognize his passion and love for empowering and serving children.  Hugo grew up in Columbia and remembers helping meet the physical needs of children living on the streets. Hugo learned English when he attended a bilingual school as a child.  Hugo and his wife Karen enjoy serving at 12Stone Church where Hugo has worked with students for many years. Hugo is always brainstorming ways to get more children and volunteers involved in Path Project.