At Path Project we are committed to partnering with others to serve our community.  In fact it’s a core value we talk about every day!  We believe that greater things happen when we work together and it’s why we are committed to partnering with mobile home park owners, residents, schools, churches, businesses and other nonprofits. One of our most important partnerships is with local businesses.  We love partnering with local businesses that share our passion for loving our community!

When we look at launching our programs in a new mobile home park, an important step is connecting with local business partners that have a heart for serving others in their community. A Path Project business partner looks different in each community but ultimately our business partners help us impact our students in a variety of creative ways. Some examples of how we partner with businesses include employee engagement opportunities, career visits, networking and awareness, event sponsorships and financial investments.

We help businesses love their neighbors by providing a high-impact, professional opportunity for service and community engagement. Our staff has years of experience running programs in mobile home parks and our Board of Directors is made up of qualified business leaders who oversee our work. We can't do what we do without strong local business partners who come alongside the work God is doing in mobile home parks.  We love our business partners!



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