Hugo Lopez   Middle & High Community Director | Countryside Village

Nayeli Espinoza | Assistant Director
Baker & Glover

Nayeli graduated from North Hall High School and was the first in her family to graduate from high school. She is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education with a focus in younger grades. Meredith met Nayeli when she was in third grade living in the Baker & Glover neighborhood and attended programs at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. She values most family and making a difference.

Meredith Pierce | Community Director
Baker & Glover

Meredith has been passionate friend of the children and families living in her community for over 10 years! She started and has led a weekly after school program for them at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. Meredith has watched children from Baker & Glover grow up alongside her own children, and her eyes light up as she shares of their success. She values most kindness and loyalty. Meredith and her husband Brad have two beautiful children.