Sheri Sharer

Birth – 3rd Grade Community Director | Gwinnett Estates|Training Coordinator

Sheri has been a part of Path Project since the very beginning and has volunteered or worked in every aspect of the program. While working as a community director, Sheri has helped create the framework for all Path Project programs. Her incredible attention to detail has been a valuable asset to the entire organization.  She is always well-equipped with a fire extinguisher, band-aids, a first aid kit, and a plan B!

Tiffany Hale

4th Grade – HS Girls Community Director | Gwinnett Estates

A little girl named Jennifer captured Tiffany’s heart many years ago when she signed up to be one of the first Path Project mentors. Since that time, she has volunteered in every possible way! Tiffany focuses primarily on girls in fourth grade through high school students. She is passionate about sharing God’s word and helping the children in her programs develop strong character and faith. Tiffany creatively encourages scripture memory using Coca-Cola!

MacKenzie McKay

4th Grade - HS Boys Community Director | Gwinnett Estates

Mackenzie joined the Path Project as an intern and has worn many hats along the way.  MacKenzie has the amazing gift of identifying the very specific needs of children and helping create opportunities for each child to be successful. Mackenzie coordinates our partnership with FCA soccer, oversees programming for older boys in two communities, loves to chaperone field trips, and at one time had memorized seven entire books of the New Testament!