We found the trail and continued to switch back and forth along a variety of terrains; trees, rocks, snow, and ice. At one point, we lost the trail and when we found it we weren’t sure which way was up. Thankfully, there were more experienced hikers on the trail to offer encouragement and direction. Eventually we reached the amazing 11,428-foot summit with beautiful panoramic views. We took time to marvel at God’s amazing creation before starting back down the mountain. I was reminded of that hike while celebrating graduations with this year’s seniors and their families. The graduation ceremony feels so much like the summit of the mountain. It’s exciting to be there. It’s an incredible accomplishment. In that moment, it’s easy to forget all the hard work that it took to get there. We are proud of these seniors and honored that they allowed us to join them on their path to high school graduation. Over the years, these seniors have faced challenges that seemed too intense and at times unfair. In those moments, we prayed for a way to make their path easier. The path didn’t get easier, but these great kids got stronger and are now high school graduates. God teaches us something new with each graduating class. These young adults have taught us about perseverance. It seems we’ve all learned and grown in the times we felt we were barely hanging on. When we weren’t sure if we were going up or down. When we locked arms and decided that, no matter what, we were in this together. Every so often we get to sit at the summit and marvel at God’s love for us. Then we head back down the mountain with excitement to climb again alongside others who have chosen to make the climb. Thank you for joining us on the path.