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Meet the staff


Meet the staff



who are compelled by their faith to use their unique gifts and talents collectively to provide the best overall experience for the children they serve. From continually learning from one another to building on each other's strengths, the staff is modeling the very thing they are teaching. Being a part of the Path Project team is more than showing up to work, it's creating a lasting impact that can change not only one child's life but the entire family and a whole community!


Jim Hollandsworth | Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jim and his wife Melinda co-founded Path Project in 2009 while Jim was serving as the Executive Pastor at Graystone Church in Loganville, GA. As Path Project grew Jim eventually left his role in the local church in 2013 to serve full-time as Path Project’s Executive Director.  Jim loves meeting new people and learning new things and is thankful for the amazing families and team members he serves alongside everyday. He and Melinda have two children, Kate and Will, and his favorite thing is connecting people who are different who normally wouldn’t know each other.

Melinda Hollandsworth | Co-Founder & Program Director

Melinda and her husband Jim co-founded Path Project in 2009 after becoming friends with a family living in a mobile home park a few miles from their home. These new friends changed her life forever.  Before she founded Path Project she was a summer camp counselor, second grade teacher and autism resource teacher and has always had a passion for children. Her experience with children and families has helped prepare her for her current role as the Program Director for Path Project.  She and Jim have two children, Kate and Will, and her favorite thing is seeing people find their place in the world.


Bailie Johnson

Operations Manager

Bailie Johnson | Operations Manager
Central Team

Bailie has the incredible gift of creating systems, organizing chaos, and figuring things out.  Her understanding of Google Docs, spreadsheets, and office systems bring joy to the entire Path Project team! Her listening ear is an extraordinary gift, and she is a passionate advocate for children who face tough challenges.  She values most reliability and courage. Bailie and her husband Drew are passionate foster parents on the road to adoption.

Nayeli Espinoza

Assistant Director

Nayeli Espinoza | Assistant Director
Baker & Glover

Nayeli graduated from North Hall High School and was the first in her family to graduate from high school. She is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education with a focus in younger grades. Meredith met Nayeli when she was in third grade living in the Baker & Glover neighborhood and attended programs at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. She values most family and making a difference.

Katie Hove | Community Director
Countryside Village

Katie was working her dream job as a 2nd-grade teacher. Then, one of her sweet students shared some family challenges with her. Suddenly, Katie’s thoughts began to shift to the struggles her students were facing after school. Through an incredible chain of events, Katie found herself launching a new Path Project in Countryside Village! She has a beautiful gift of empowering children and families. She values most compassion and grace. Katie is married to Eric, and they have one precious daughter!

Anissa Lotti | Community Director
Peachtree Village

When you first meet Anissa, you immediately feel her deep love for people. She spent a year of her life sharing this love and serving others in 11 different countries as part of the World Race. Nepal, Ethiopia, and Honduras were the countries that captured her heart the most. After her journey around the world, she began to pray about how God would use her experiences, and every conversation pointed her to Path Project. Anissa values most community and freedom.

Taylor Melton

Development Specialist

Taylor Melton | Development Specialist
Central Team


Taylor has always had a heart for empowering others and joined Path after years working on a church staff in youth ministry and serving in Honduras. Taylor is also passionate about helping others and providing those around her with intentional and unforgettable experiences. She is creative in helping new groups and individuals learn about Path and engage them with the work that is happening communities. She values most belonging and family! Taylor is married to Spencer and they have two beautiful girls!

Laura Soto | PreK Director & Assistant Director
Bay Creek & Gwinnett Estates

Laura grew up speaking only Spanish and to speak English in her early teens. Her life experiences make her an especially valuable resource to all the families she works alongside. Laura makes every child feel special that comes through the door. She is an expert at helping families access resources in the community. Laura has incredible faith that inspires everyone she meets. She values most faith and love. Laura is married to Alex, and has 3 amazing boys!

Margaret Jane Strelecki | Community Director
Franklin Estates

Margaret Jane’s unique life experiences over the past 15 years have helped prepare her to lead the first Path Project outside of Georgia. After college, Margaret Jane taught history in an urban school in Houston with a large immigrant population. Her experiences there and while attending an Indonesian church grew her interest in healthy community development. She values most faith, integrity and compassion. She is married to Chris, and they have three amazing boys!

Joe Wells | Community Director
Peachtree Village

Joe has a passion for the idea that empowering parents to be the heroes of the home trickles down to allowing the kids to live out a life led by a positive example. Joe has an incredible gift for rallying together the older kids of his community to come together and experience what God has for them. He values most faith and family. Joe is married to his high school sweetheart, Christy, and together they have three children.

Katie Hove

K - 5th Community Director | Countryside Village

Sheri Sharer | Training Coordinator & Community Director
Central Team & Gwinnett Estates

Sheri has been a part of Path Project since the very beginning and has volunteered or worked in every aspect of the program. While working as a community director, Sheri has helped create the framework for all Path Project programs. Her incredible attention to detail has been a valuable asset to the entire organization. She is always well-equipped with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit! She values most fairness and honesty. Sheri is mom to Jacob, who is her pride and joy!

Ashley Aurandt | Community Director
Bay Creek

Ashley learned about Path Project from some friends, and fell in love with our kids from the very beginning. She has an incredible gift for serving anyone her path. Ashley loves organization, and can make the most amazing to-do list you’ve ever seen! She is always learning and seeking knowledge from those around her with the amazing goal making her programs better for her kids! Ashley values most love and health. She is married to Tyler, and they have a beautiful daughter.

Tiffany Hale | Community Director
Gwinnett Estates

A little girl named Jennifer captured Tiffany’s heart many years ago when she signed up to be one of the first Path Project mentors. Since that time, she has volunteered in every possible way! She is passionate about sharing God’s word and helping the children in her programs develop strong character and faith. She serves everyone around her with the purest grace and love. She values most kindness and joy. Tiffany shares the coolest three boys with her husband, Kyle.

Maira Hernandez | Community Director
Valley Brook

Maira has served in almost every capacity within Path.  She’s been a volunteer, an intern, and is now a Community Director.  Her personal experience of growing up in a bilingual home allow her a special connection to the children and families in her programs.  Maira is a enthusiastic learner and currently balances college studies with planning and leading creative lessons for the young learners in Valley Brook.  She serves as an amazing role model to all Path kids. Maira values most forgiveness and love.

Meredith Peirce

Community Director | Baker & Glover

Meredith Pierce | Community Director
Baker & Glover

Meredith has been passionate friend of the children and families living in her community for over 10 years! She started and has led a weekly after school program for them at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. Meredith has watched children from Baker & Glover grow up alongside her own children, and her eyes light up as she shares of their success. She values most kindness and loyalty. Meredith and her husband Brad have two beautiful children.


Hugo Lopez | Community Director
Countryside Village

The first time you meet Hugo you will immediately recognize his passion for empowering and serving children. Hugo grew up in Columbia and remembers helping meet the physical needs of children living on the streets. Hugo learned English when he attended a bilingual school as a child. He values most perseverance and humility. Hugo and his wife Karen enjoy serving at 12Stone Church where Hugo has worked with students for many years.

Juan Terrazas | Community Director
Pine Valley

Juan’s life experiences make him an incredible role model for the children in our programs. Juan grew up in Mexico and moved to the United States when he was 5 years old. At the age of 14 his parents returned to Mexico leaving Juan in the U.S. He has an incredible passion for working with at-risk youth. In 2015 a book entitled Left In America was published about Juan’s life. He is also a Christian rapper. Juan values most hope and wisdom. He is married to his beautiful wife, Amy.

Summer Adcock | Community Director
Valley Brook


Summer engages the world with a positive attitude and attacks challenges as an opportunity to grow and become stronger.  She spent years as a high school English teacher before joining Path staff, and her favorite teaching memories revolve around time spent empowering students to overcome their more challenging circumstances.  Summer joined Path years ago as a mentor and the work captured her heart. She values most perserveer