The Path Project staff is filled with remarkable individuals who are compelled by their faith to use their unique gifts and talents collectively to provide the best overall experience for the children they serve. From continually learning from one another to building on each other's strengths, the staff is modeling the very thing they are teaching. Being a part of the Path Project team is more than showing up to work, it's creating a lasting impact that can change not only one child's life but the entire family and a whole community!

Michael Dresselhaus Community Director

Michael Dresselhaus

Bay Creek | Community Director

Michael is an expert at serving and recruiting others to join the work of Path Project. Michael joined the Path Project team after working and teaching in Romania for 2 1/2 years. During his time in Romania, he led English and Bible classes in government-run centers, ran the village after-school program as well as a transition home for boys who had aged out of the orphanage. Michael created the first coffee bar for volunteers in the Bay Creek Community and he runs on a steady stream of caffeine!

Katie Hove Community Director

Katie Hove

Community Director | Countryside Village

Katie was working her dream job as a 2nd-grade teacher.  Then, one of her sweet students shared some family challenges with her.  Suddenly, Katie’s thoughts began to shift to the struggles her students were facing after school. Through an incredible chain of events, Katie found herself launching a new Path Project in Countryside Village!  She is able to empower children and families during our after-school programs to ensure they are successful in the classroom.

Bailie Johnson Operations Manager

Bailie Johnson

Operations Manager

Bailie has the incredible gift of creating systems, organizing chaos, and figuring things out.  Her understanding of Google Docs, spreadsheets, and office systems bring joy to the entire Path Project team! Her listening ear is an extraordinary gift, and she is a passionate advocate for children who face tough challenges.  Bailie and her husband Drew are foster parents to three adorable one-year-olds.

Sheri Sharer Community Director

Sheri Sharer

Community Director | Gwinnett Estates & Valley Brook

Sheri has been a part of Path Project since the very beginning and has volunteered or worked in every aspect of the program. While working as a community director, Sheri has helped create the framework for all Path Project programs. Her incredible attention to detail has been a valuable asset to the entire organization.  She is always well-equipped with a fire extinguisher, band-aids, a first aid kit, and a plan B!

Ashley Hollandsworth Community Director

Ashley Hollandsworth

Community Director | Riverside Estates

Ashley was a dynamic classroom teacher who loved the challenge of working with students who struggled to succeed academically and socially. She saw first hand the connection between success at in school and life at home which made her an amazing fantastic fit for Path Project.  Ashley is the queen of teaching kids about positive relationships using fun and exciting group games! She also loves a good pair of cowboy boots which remind her of her hometown, in Texas.

Margaret Jane Community Director

Margaret Jane Strelecki

Community Director | Franklin Estates

Margaret Jane’s unique life experiences over the past 15 years have helped prepare her to lead the first Path Project outside of Georgia.  After college, Margaret Jane taught history in an urban school in Houston with a large immigrant population.  Her experiences there and while attending an Indonesian church grew her interest in healthy community development. Margaret Jane is a champion for the moms in Franklin Estates and she is always proud to share stories about the success of her friends!

Anissa  Lotti Community Director

Anissa Lotti 

Community Director | Peachtree Village

When you first meet Anissa, you immediately feel her deep love for people.  She spent a year of her life sharing this love and serving others in 11 different countries as part of the World Race.  Nepal, Ethiopia, and Honduras were the countries that captured her heart the most during that time. After her journey around the world, she began to pray about how God would use her experiences, and every conversation pointed her to Path Project. Anissa’s background of teaching English and preschool and her experiences with home visits and counseling young girls and mothers make her a valuable part of the Path Project team.  

Lauren Knight Community Director

Lauren Knight 

Community Director | Bay Creek

Lauren is the person you want to sit next to during a boring meeting because she can find humor in every situation. Her life experiences with ADHD and her background in sociology provide valuable insights into her programs and the entire Path Project organization. Lauren loves watching children grow as learners through the use of art and hands-on activities.  Plus, she always has extra coats, scarves, sweatshirts, and cold weather gear available for anyone who needs it.  

MacKenzie McKay Community Director

MacKenzie McKay

Community Director | Gwinnett Estates

Mackenzie joined the Path Project as an intern and has worn many hats along the way.  MacKenzie has the amazing gift of identifying the very specific needs of children and helping create opportunities for each child to be successful. Mackenzie coordinates our partnership with FCA soccer, oversees programming for older boys in two communities, loves to chaperone field trips, and at one time had memorized seven entire books of the New Testament!  

Tiffany Hale Community Director

Tiffany Hale

Program Community Director | Gwinnett Estates

A little girl named Jennifer captured Tiffany’s heart many years ago when she signed up to be one of the first Path Project mentors. Since that time, she has volunteered in every possible way! Tiffany focuses primarily on girls in fourth grade through high school students. She is passionate about sharing God’s word and helping the children in her programs develop strong character and faith. Tiffany creatively encourages scripture memory using Coca-Cola!