Path Project programs are the stepping stones of a path leading to high school graduation and beyond. Each program is designed to equip children relationally and academically to achieve the hopes and dreams that God has uniquely given them.  

Path Project Mommie & Me Programs

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me is an interactive learning experience for moms and babies to bond  and play together.  It’s stories!  It’s songs!  It’s fun!

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Preschool is a hands-on learning time that prepares our little ones for kindergarten. Preschool programs offer language building activities, opportunities to develop valuable social skills, and creative ways to learn basic skills.

Path Project Middle School Leaders Clubs

Middle School Leadership Clubs

Middle School Leadership Club is a fun and structured environment where middle schoolers can get homework assistance, learn the value of positive relationships, explore new interests, and make plans for the future.  

Path Project Elementary Homework & Reading Clubs

Elementary Homework & Reading Clubs

Elementary Homework & Reading Club works in partnership with parents to equip children to be successful in school. Students complete homework while learning responsibility and study skills in small group environments with volunteers who serve as positive role models.

Path Project High School Clubs

High School Leaders Clubs

High school Leaders Club programs are individualized to the specific needs of each participating student.  In most cases, we serve as consultants to our high school students offering encouragement to stay on a positive path, support in making college, career, and life decisions, technology to complete homework, and opportunities to explore new interests.

Path Project Summer Clubs

Summer Clubs

Summer is busy and full of excitement for all Path Project students! The summer includes overnight and day camp opportunities, visits to partner church VBS events, field trips, special activities, and home visits.  The summer schedules are unique to each community based on partnerships with local churches, organizations, and businesses

Home Visits

Path Project provides home visits to build strong relationships with parents and as a way to connect with kids individually. Staff and volunteers will speak with parents to promote reading at home and discuss anything relating to the enrichment of the family. It’s important for the kids to see us meeting with their parents and working as a team!

Soccer Clubs

Soccer offers a unique and non-academic avenue to share the Bible, promote positive relationship and teamwork, and show God’s love. In the Atlanta area, soccer programs are a partnership with FCA Soccer. Learn more about the program here: