Joe Wells | Community Director
Peachtree Village

Joe has a passion for the idea that empowering parents to be the heroes of the home trickles down to allowing the kids to live out a life led by a positive example. Joe has an incredible gift for rallying together the older kids of his community to come together and experience what God has for them. He values most faith and family. Joe is married to his high school sweetheart, Christy, and together they have three children.


Anissa Lotti | Community Director
Peachtree Village

When you first meet Anissa, you immediately feel her deep love for people. She spent a year of her life sharing this love and serving others in 11 different countries as part of the World Race. Nepal, Ethiopia, and Honduras were the countries that captured her heart the most. After her journey around the world, she began to pray about how God would use her experiences, and every conversation pointed her to Path Project. Anissa values most community and freedom.