At Path Project we are committed to partnering with others to serve our community.  In fact it’s a core value we talk about every day!  We believe that greater things happen when we work together and it’s why we are committed to partnering with mobile home park owners, residents, schools, churches, businesses and other nonprofits. One of our most important partnerships is with local schools.  We love partnering with local schools that share our passion for education and empowering students to achieve their dreams in life!

When we look at launching our programs in a new mobile home park, one of the first steps is connecting with the local schools where the children attend. Our goal with our school partners is to serve and support what is happening in the classroom. Our students are getting access to tremendous academic resources and great teachers, they just need a little extra enrichment after school and that's where we come in. We want to be an extension of what's already happening at school - reading, homework, study habits, etc.

We also want to serve our school partners by helping to increase parent engagement in their child's education. Research shows that the more parents are involved the higher achievement the student has and the more likely they are to graduate.  So we help to build relationships between parents and their child's school through home visits, parent/teacher meetings at our community centers, and regular communication.  We can't-do what we do without strong local school partners who believe that all the children we serve deserve an excellent education!  We love our school partners!



Life change happens when great teaches and staff we can provide a loving and stable educational enviroment for every child.

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