Summer Adcock

3rd Grade - HS Community Director | Valley Brook

Summer engages the world with a positive attitude and attacks challenges as an opportunity to grow and become stronger.  She spent years as a high school English teacher before joining Path staff, and her favorite teaching memories revolve around time spent empowering students to overcome their more challenging circumstances.  Summer joined Path years ago as a mentor and the work captured her heart. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm bring encouragement to other. Summer recently shared that a few years ago life gave her lemons which later became lemonade.  Now, God has opened doors for her to open a lemonade stand.


Maira Hernandez

K-2nd Grade Community Director | Valley Brook

Maira has served in almost every capacity within Path.  She’s been a volunteer, an intern, and is now a Community Director.  Her personal experience of growing up in a bilingual home allow her a special connection to the children and families in her programs.  Maira is a enthusiastic learner and currently balances college studies with planning and leading creative lessons for the young learners in Valley Brook.  She serves as an amazing role model to all Path kids because she will be the first in her family to graduate from college.