At Path Project we are committed to partnering with others to serve our community.  In fact it’s a core value we talk about every day!  We believe that greater things happen when we work together and it’s why we are committed to partnering with mobile home park owners, residents, schools, churches, businesses and other nonprofits. One of our most important partnerships is with local churches.  We love partnering with local churches that share our passion for loving our community!

When we look at launching our programs in a new mobile home park, the first step is finding a local church partner that has a heart for loving its community. A Path Project church partner is a local church that is in close geographic proximity to one of the mobile home parks where the Path Project operates community centers. Our church partners help us serve mobile home parks through volunteers, financial investments, and spiritual encouragement and support.

We help churches love their neighbors by cultivating clear, safe, and structured volunteer opportunities for its members to serve others. We have years of experience running programs in mobile home parks and our staff handles all the operation details so that your church doesn’t have to run another program!  The main thing we ask our church partners to do is to invite your church members to come volunteer!  We can't-do what we do without strong local church partners who come alongside the work God is doing in mobile home parks.  We love our church partners!



Life change happens when we make friends with our neighbors and by partnering with local churches we provide a practical way for church members to make friends with their neighbors in mobile home parks.

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